The following are a small fraction of testimonials shared with us through our annual guest book.

To date, our even has been visited by (23,000) people, from (27) countries.


“The highlight of our Kauai experience. Thank you!”

-Memphis, TN

“Thanks for keeping the tradition going. A good model for all of us to follow.”

-Alberta, Calgary, Canada

“Amazing. Inspiring. Wonderful use of recycled materials. So creative. I am going to do the same at home and share photos with friends and family. Just loved it!!! Thank you!”

-Brisbane, AU

“Bravissimo! Stupendo! Grazie e Buon Natale : ))”

-Rome, Italy

“World class! The best Holiday display we have ever seen! Keep it up!”

-Santa Monica, CA

“Beautiful! Recycling at its best!”

-Puhi, HI

“Kids loved it. Its our first year coming & will be back next year!”

-Kapaa, HI

“Every year it gets better! Mahalo to all!!”

-Kaumakani, HI

“It was so beautiful! Such a wonderful trip – so glad I came! It’s amazing!”

-San Antonio, TX

“Really captured the spirit of the island. Great Treat!!”

-Colombia, MI

“Riz’s SPAM tree, wildlife tree, butterflies, egg carton wreath & communion glitter ball!”

-Kapaa, HI

“Delightful, nice to see community participation in the arts!”

-Phoenix, AZ

“It is a fantastic work of art. So much talent and ingenuity. Truly marvelous. May God Bless each one of you.”

-Seattle, WA

“Awesome talent and what a wonderful tradition to keep up!”

-Sitka, AK

“Great! Gets better every year!”

-Fort Meyers, FL

“The decorations are beautiful! We loved the Peacock Tree, the SPAM tree, the Train and Santa Surfing.”

-Oakland, CA

“I’m a teacher. What great ideas for my classroom!”

-Portland, OR


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